I blog to make money.  I came to know about blogging when I was googling Ways to Earn Money through Writing. Two years back, when my husband first came to London, I also followed him  with my daughter. But I had to take long without pay leave from my job. I used to share the house with four more people.  I barely got out of my room when someone was around.My daughter kept me busy, but I felt sort of guilty for wasting my time doing nothing. That’s why I started to search for something that would give me a chance to work from home. And my search sent me to different sites. I joined without discrimination. Some were lost in the process of discovering the amazing world of blogging.

I first started with blogger party and blogcharm. Then ca,e blogger and wordpress. I liked wordpress over blogger, but it had adsense which wordpress lacked. WordPress doesn’t allow commercial use of its platform.  But in the beginning,  I wasn’t aware of this fact. I did assignments for blogsvertise and loudlaunch and make good bucks. Later when I got to know about word press’ policy of not allowing paid reviews, I had tasted blood. I didn’t want to lose such golden opportunity to earn easy money and went on writing paid reviews.

WordPress banned me when I did a poker review for loud launch. I was very disheartened.  It was a travel blog and very dear to me. I stopped writing for sometime. But when Payu2blog came, I had to put my gear on, and the choice was wordpress this time too. I started writing orbit.